Why Organic Matters


This is long one, so bare with me.

You walk in the mall and you're looking from left to right at all of the stores bombarding you with large displays of trendy clothing that you NEED to have right now. Everyone experiences it.  We're conditioned to think that we should buy four shirts for $10 each, instead of investing in one shirt that may cost $60 and with stores like Forever 21 at every corner it's hard not to be drawn in. I'm not saying that I don't fall into this hole, because I do, or I used to anyway.

Fast Fashion has been an economic powerhouse that grows by about 5% each year. Global apparel is a $1.4 trillion industry, yet organic sustainably sourced fabric takes up less than 1% of the fabric produced worldwide. If you're still with me, here's why that's a big deal:

-Every cotton t-shirt takes 2,700 liters of water to produce, that's over 30 bath tubs of water.

-The production of cotton uses more insecticides and pesticides than any other crop in the world. (only organic cotton is produced without these chemicals) 

-Fashion has become the 2nd largest producer of pollution world wide, coming in second only to oil.

So, what does this have to do with us? Take a look at your closet, how many solid colored black tees do you have? How many white, grey, green? I'm in no way telling you never to shop at Forever 21 again, but what I am saying is that the next time you see a shirt on sale for $4 and you think about buying it just because it's only $4, maybe you put it back or maybe you don't. But hopefully you'll take a moment to think about why that shirt costs $4, what value it adds to your life, and how your life is benefited by owning that tee shirt. Is it worth the over 700 gallons of water it took to produce? 

If not, maybe you put it back. 

When you're shopping at Simple Little Apparel you can sleep soundly knowing that all of our items are sourced sustainably and with organic cotton to ensure the tees you're putting on your little ones are free from harmful chemicals and less than ideal business practices. Our tees are made to last from the highest quality fibers and with our environment in mind.

I've included some articles below if you'd like to dig a little deeper. 



At Simple Little Apparel our goal is to give you high quality, sustainable tees that will last. Made without chemicals, without slave wages, and with little carbon footprint. 

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