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HoliYAY! Gift guides and more..

While I've been prancing around telling everyone not to sing Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving, I've been secretly been stalking Christmas gifts online since Halloween. Oops. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas! I'm just not a fan of how busy and 'perfect' everything has to be around the holidays. I just want to curl up with my fam and a nice big hot chocolate, extra marshmallows please. 

That's why I've put together a sweet little holiday gift guide for you and your babes this season to (hopefully) make your lives a little easier during this crazy time. 

Mama Pullover / Cozy Robe / Fedora Hat (to cover that 3 day old hair you're rocking) / Caffeinated Mama Mug..all of the coffee please / All the Missing Girls novel / Kiehls Midnight Recovery Cream..I know I need to hide those dark circles /  Warm Winter Socks / Knit Throw Blanket 


Wooden Blocks / Amy & Ivor Travelers / Eliminate Hate tee (onesie version) / Boys Will be Thermal / Teepee / Tegu Magnetic Blocks / Table and Chair Set / Dragons Love Tacos


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